2020 BENALLA SHORTS

The On-Line presentation of awards will be conducted by a Zoom meeting on the 7th November 2020, with the Judges and Film Makers able to be on line together.  More information will be sent to film makers regarding the log in details.

FILM SCREENING – we are hopeful of resolving all copyright issues to allow the films to be available for viewing during a few days prior to the 7th November 2020.  The current health situation which limits gatherings, has seen the need to postpone the film screening in order to protect our Judges, Patrons and Volunteers.  It is also hoped that we may be able to screen the films at the Swanpool Cinema early in 2021.

The films selected for Judging in 2020 are

‘For the Barren King’ – Jack Johnston  –  Two battled soldiers journey across the harshness of the Barren to save their dying King.

Know my Heart’ – Marie Curry  –  Fire fighter Mathew is reluctant to visit a familiar place while Chloe, his school teacher wife struggles with feeling abandoned.

‘Home’ – Jahvis Loveday and Joy Ben  –  A girl must leave her home town, her family, her friends. Everything she remembers that was horrible, how the town was so small, everyone knew everyone, becomes the things she will miss the most.

‘These Walls’ – Susanna van Aswegen  –  With a common passion for street art, a free spirited grandmother and her grandson are forced to share their secret with his concerned single mother and prove that age has no barriers or limitations.

‘Lieutenant at Arms’ – Kerri Ann Foweraker  –  A young blind girl in Cold War England befriends a Royal Air Force Pilot who unwittingly indulges her paranoia about the communist threat.

‘The Life of Sophie’ – Rafael Star  –  Sophie is a young woman whose life completely revolves around her smartphone to the extent that she is unaware that she is the subject of a documentary by renowned presenter, Davey Edenborough.

My Ghoul’ – Andrew Robb and Jessica Gerger – Fed up with standing around in corners waiting to scare people, a lonely ghoul decides to leave her desolate damp mansion and go searching suburbia for a man.

‘Drunk Movies – Kanga Rules’ ft. Brett Climo – Tom Burgess and Lachlan Wilson  –  A lonely boy befriends a stray kangaroo who has a natural talent for football and together they play to save a junior football team from being kicked out of the local footy league.

‘Sallie: An Australian Farmer’ – Henry Johnston  –  An inspiring documentary short about dairy farmer Sallie Jones, covering issues of mental health, country living, starting a small business and gender stereotypes of women in rural Australia.

‘One Love’ – Charles Williams  –  Seventy-year-old George, has been living without his wife for 37 years. He now finds losing the only connection he has left of her…his car…the car he bought on the very day he met her.

‘Night Fill’ – Joel Stephen Fleming  –  Phil must face his biggest fear after being left alone in a grocery store during his night shift.

‘The Quiet’ – Radheya Jegatheva  –  When an astronaut ponders on the quietude of space, he comes upon a startling self-realisation.  The truth is written in the stars, but what will he uncover?






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